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" Lali is not a trend, is TIMELESS."

The Diamond Family 

Lali is a Subsidiary of Barbi Diamonds. Barbi Founded in 1980 and headquartered in the hub of Israel's International Diamond Exchange, Barbi has established throughout the last few decades a global trading network for both rough and polished diamonds. Despite its global presence and on-growing nature, Barbi has managed to remain a family owned business and prides itself of embracing customers as part of the family. 

Lali By Barbi 

From father to daughter, the diamond takes on a family resemblance. Ariel Barbi, the founder of Lali is the daughter of Eli Barbi, the founder and polished division of Barbi Diamonds.

About Ariel 

Ariel, a 27 years old designer, has studied graphic design for four years at Shenkar College Of Engineering And Design. She believes in conveying messages through design and creating beautiful and meaningful things. She wishes that whoever is wearing Lali feels unique, full of positive energy transmitted through the jewelry.  

Behind The Design

All jewelry are hand-made at Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange. The high-quality raw materials are taken from Barbi Diamonds, and all the designs are Ariel's exclusive.

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