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Chakras, Energies

and Jewelry.

We are born into a clean mind. Innocent and open. But over the years, we have formed blockages in emotion and in the body. It's a natural process. To release these blockages, we need to develop awareness. To grow courage and return to, innocence, or at least strive for it.

Anahata - Balance

" Jewelry is one of the most powerful means "

The Power

Jewelry is one of the most powerful means of personal expression. An engagement ring or marriage is the ultimate expression of it. Whether it's a declaration of love, a gift from a loved one or a gift you gave yourself, the right piece of jewelry becomes an object that gives you meaning, power, and a sense of security. In most cases, a piece of jewelry will have a much greater emotional significance than its monetary value.

Anahata - Balance

Lali believes that jewelry has a

significant role in our lives, which

means strengthening ourselves.

Not "another beautiful jewelry,"

but a tool of empowerment.

Chakra opener. All of Lali's jewelry

are designed for strong women

that are looking for something

extra in their jewelry. 

The Chakras

The Indians have defined seven energy centers along the spine, which absorb the energy of life and dissipate it in the body. They called them chakras- energy circuits. When the chakras are open, the body is energetic and vital. When they are blocked, we experience blasts. How do you leave the chakras open? The healing process is perpetual. We need to make room for emotion in our actions, to seek intention in everything. To make everything personal.

Anahata - Balance

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